Services Offered By North Central EMS

Emergency Medical Services

We offer 9-1-1 EMS services and respond to a large portion of North Central Ohio. Each emergency vehicle is equipped with advanced life support equipment and staffed with emergency medical technicians, advanced emergency medical technicians, and paramedics. Each EMT has been trained in working through advanced communications with emergency room physicians and nurses to assure you immediate and state of the art medical attention.

Non-Emergency Medical Services

North Central EMS offers non-emergency ambulance transportation in Ohio and also outside of Ohio. This service is for patients who are unable to travel in a seated position or require medical supervision while in route to and from hospitals, nursing facilities, doctor's offices/ clinics, or private residences. Contact us to set up any transportation services that you or a loved one may require.

Wheelchair Van Services

North Central EMS offers wheelchair transportation for all of our local residents and healthcare facilities. These services are provided for patients that are unable to walk and need transportation to a doctor's office/ clinic, medical facility, or any other requested destinations. The vans are equipped to accommodate both regular and large sized chairs. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

Mobile Medical Operations Trailer

The Mobile Medical Operations Trailer or "MMO Trailer" is a 26 foot trailer that is used to provide first-aid and emergency medical services at large events such as fairs and festivals. It offers a private, clean, and climate controlled environment for individuals who need medical attention. The treatment section of the trailer is stocked with medical supplies and a cot, while the other half contains a lounge area for the comfort of crew members during prolonged events.

Central Communications Center

Our dispatch center is responsible for dispatching 9-1-1 calls as well as scheduling and dispatching non-emergency transfers. North Central EMS dispatchers are responsible for not only dispatching our vehicles, but they also dispatch for Milan Township Fire Department, and Berlin Township Fire Department.

Vehicle Maintenance Center

North Central EMS has an onsite vehicle maintenance center, and full service body shop for periodic maintenance of our fleet vehicles. We also assist other area agencies with vehicle maintenance as well.